Subject: Re: Open VI Reference blocked by file dialog
From: "Stephen Mercer"
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 09:23:16 -0500

> And yes it blocks on the Vocal Minority OS as well with none of this
"root window" nonsense.

The word is "root loop", not "root window." And it is present in all
implementations of LV -- Windows, Mac, Linux, and Pharlap (and
historically Solaris, HPUX, etc...). I'm pretty sure it's on PDA, but
they're single threaded anyway. Probably the only place root loop doesn't
exist is LV on FPGA.

The CAR was filed yesterday. An hour later it was closed as "Not A Bug."
In other words, we don't consider this to be a problem. This is the
correct behavior of the dialog and the blocking behavior is necessary for
correctness of the function, not something to be fixed. I'm not the
developer of this, and I don't know the details, but I trust that
particular developer's analysis.

Stephen R. Mercer
-= LabVIEW R&D =-