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To the email lists maintained by Scott Hannahs at the National High Magnetic Field Lab.

There are a few things you should keep in mind in using this list:

  1. If you reply to a message, your reply will go to the entire list of people.

  2. To subscribe or unsubscribe from this list, please send mail to one of the addresses below. These requests will be handled automatically. Send a subject of "help" to for a list of options and commands. Capitalization is not important. Or visit the info-labview page.
    1. Unsubscribe Igor
    2. Unsubscribe Igor
    3. Unsubscribe Info-LabVIEW
    4. Unsubscribe Info-LabVIEW

  3. Ask your questions so as to get a good answer. See here first. It will help you get a good repsonse.

  4. I am not your personal secretary. I do not edit messages for people, I do not forward mail for people, I do not subscribe and unsubscribe people. Instructions on how to subscribe and unsubscribe are on each and every message. Or look at the original email you all got when you subscribed or the list was set up.

    If you still have problems I am glad to help, but try it yourself first. If you want to be off the list just do it. If you want send a good bye message to everyone explaining your reasons, that is your choice. Just don't confuse the two.

  5. EDIT your replies! Chop out all the extraneous stuff you are quoting so we don't get huge email messages. You only need to quote a little bit to make it known what you are replying to. The subject line itself is usually enough. You do NOT need to quote the last 10 messages on the subject, we all got them already. These long REDUNDANT messages take time to download. Lets conserve our fellow citizens time as well as our quality of life.

    When responding to a message be sure to make clear to which message you're responding, either by excerpting part of the earlier message or summarizing/paraphrasing the applicable content. Also, when you're responding to a post of more than a few sentences, please do not include the entire text of the message to which you're responding so bandwidth is not wasted. Instead, excerpt a small part of the original message so that we know what message you are replying.

    I have implemented a filter to reject messages that have exceedingly long and unedited quotes. Expect to get rejected email if you do not take the time to edit as well as think about your messages.

  6. Sending attachments or files along with email messages is not allowed. Turn MIME html coding off in your mail preferences when sending messages to the list. Use ascii/plain text only. Older browsers do not support html MIME formatting, and these attachments and MIME html coding show up as garbage or extra text making it hard to read and your message will be ignored by most people. The list software tries to strip off such formatting and if unsuccessful will reject the message.

  7. Please do not request a notification or return receipt for your message. This causes everyone on the list to attempt to respond to you. Further many bad (i.e. wrong) mail programs will respond to the whole list causing a big waste of everyone's time. I have attempted to block such messages and expect to get your message rejected if you do not turn this feature off.

  8. Please stay on topic. The people on this list are here to discuss matters relevant to the list Wandering off on your pet topic only annoys them and doesn't communicate your message.

  9. Do not post every message to many lists. They are different lists with different foci. Many folks are subscribed to both and you are only filling their email systems with redundant messages. This will cause them to avoid reading it. Only cross post when you absolutely feel that reaching the last few 25% of the people is worth annoying the remaining 75%.

Despite all these warnings, enjoy! These are guidlines to make everyones experience here useful and enjoyable. There are many knowledgeable people and folks who want your input and opinion. Express yourself!

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